Beaufort Tattoo Shop: Where Art Meets Skin in Morehead City

Tattoos are a form of self-expression, whether they depict a past loved one, a favorite sports team or just a cool design. Many people get a tattoo for meaningful reasons, like to mark an accomplishment or struggle they overcame. Others get them for aesthetic value or to show their love for their bodies. According to a survey by Psychology Today, 25% of the 97 people surveyed said their main reason for getting a tattoo was related to a personal story.

The coronavirus outbreak has been a blow to Beaufort tattoo shop, especially in the tourist areas. But as things improve, some of them are opening up.

Beauty marks Tattoos, located on 220 Savannah Highway in Beaufort, is a shop that caters to the local community, but also brings high quality artwork to the area. They offer a fun and inviting environment where customers can receive clean bold designs. Their artists are down to earth and take their work very seriously.

In Greenville, the city council has voted to reduce restrictions on tattoo shops. The new code places tattoo parlors in the same category as barbershops and laundromats. The change means that the shops would only have to request an exemption from the city board of zoning appeals if they want to open in a specific zoning district, not seek a special exception for every new location. The amendment would also limit the shops to only two of the city’s 28 categories, pushing them solely into art districts and industrial areas.

Tattoo artists are required to have certification in blood-borne pathogens and infection control. They must also undergo annual training to ensure their equipment is clean. Some have even had to perform CPR on a client who had a seizure in the chair, according to Stephanie Melora, owner of Southern Cypress Tattoo in Columbia’s Five Points. Melora has been unable to add a second location because the city would not allow it.

Choosing the right tattoo artist is important for any person looking to get a tattoo. Some of the factors to consider include price, cleanliness of the studio, and customer service. You should also look for the artist’s style and if they have a portfolio of their previous work. It is also a good idea to find out whether the tattoo artist offers free consultations to potential clients. If they do, this is an opportunity for you to get a better sense of their style and technique before you make a commitment.