Montclair, NJ – A Creative Paradise

A unique suburban township on the cliffs of First Watchung Mountain, Montclair is a community that thrives in many ways. It is home to a diverse population, grand old homes, a vibrant downtown and the second largest university in New Jersey.

It attracts professionals, families and people who value the township’s parks, trees, older homes and highly rated public schools. It has a very progressive arts and culture scene and offers a great balance of suburban and urban living. It is also a magnet for creative types, particularly writers, actors and musicians who enjoy its proximity to New York City.

With more than 20 public parks and two nature reserves, the Township Montclair Township is a outdoor recreation paradise. The topography includes woodland and open spaces, streams, ponds, and hills with views of the nearby Watchung Mountains. Parks include Toney’s Brook in the center, Nishuane Brook and Wigwam Brook in the southeast, Yantacaw Brook in the northwest, and Pearl Brook in the northeast.

Throughout the years, the community’s history has been shaped by the efforts of talented and ambitious people who settled here. By the opening of the 20th century, Montclair’s population had soared. There was an influx of New Englanders, along with African-Americans and Irish, Germans, Italians, Scandinavians and other immigrants. They built magnificent mansions, as well as modest homes. By the 1930’s, more than 130 Montclair residents were listed in Who’s Who in America.

The current residents of Montclair are just as talented and diverse. They are attracted by the township’s proximity to New York City and its excellent public and private schools. They also appreciate the many shops, restaurants, and recreational opportunities.

Montclair is a model for Sustainability with vigorous recycling and composting programs, Environmental and Conservation Elements in the Township Master Plan, an active bike and pedestrian advocacy program, and a robust Farmers Market in its 28th season. The Township has also been designated a Clean Energy Leader and a Climate Showcase Community by the State of New Jersey.

With six NJ Transit rail stations – the most in one municipality in the state – and convenient access to major highways, Montclair is an easy commuter town for those working in downtown Newark or the surrounding region. Bus service is available to and from New York City. The Montclair Department of Recreation & Cultural Affairs provides a wide variety of recreational, fitness and educational programs for all ages and abilities. The township has an extensive network of walking and biking trails that connect with surrounding communities and offer scenic views of the surrounding countryside. The Montclair Art Museum and the performing arts venues of Montclair State University are a centerpiece of the township’s cultural life. And the Montclair Library, rated as one of the best in the state, offers more than just books. It has a large selection of DVDs and CDs, as well as an impressive collection of rare historical documents. The Montclair Historical Society’s research library is also housed in the library.