Kayah Al-Ittar Practice – Shayari Holi

shayariholic sad shayari

‘Shayariholic Sad Shaaridh’ is one of the three ayurvedic manuals which are commonly referred to as ‘The Agamas of the Ancient Indians’. The other two are ‘Magenivi Saiva Samhita’ and ‘Kamasutra’. The word’shayari’ is used here to denote happiness and cheerfulness. ‘Rasya’ means disease,’veda’ means treatment and’sadhana’ is a form of meditation.

The ‘Agamas’ describes the ancient Indian wisdom of how to lead a happy and fulfilling life as a ‘human being’. According to the Agamas, you should maintain the balance of your ‘life force energy’. The human being is a complex organism made up of ‘Chakras’ (energy centers) embedded within the body. Any disturbance to this delicate balance can result in physical, mental or emotional disturbances. Any disturbance to the energy flow of the body can be manifested in various ways – some physical, some psychological or emotional and some can even be observed in an individual’s behavior.

There are many beneficial shayari holi exercises which you can do to control and strengthen the energy systems of your body and mind. These shayari exercises are designed in such a way that they promote the flow of ‘Prana’, the life force that is a vital component of your ‘physical body’. Without this life force, your physical existence will come to a standstill. Prana can only move forward when the various systems of the body are functioning smoothly and effectively.

The three shayari exercises mentioned above are designed to promote ‘Prana flow’, thereby promoting the health and well being of your entire body. You can easily learn these shayari exercises through online resources or even with the guidance of a skilled shayari practitioner. Some of these shayari exercises are also referred to as ‘Pranja’ or ‘Mansa’. In order to perform these shayari exercises properly, it is important that you have good understanding of the meaning of yoga and how it functions. Yoga is basically a set of meditative practices, designed to help us achieve self-actualization.

In order to master the various shayari exercises, you need to understand the underlying principles of the holism. Each shayari practice is aimed at achieving certain objectives related to self realization. These objectives are primarily associated with the promotion of ‘Prana’ or the life force within the individual. Through the process of performing shayari exercises, you will be able to increase the ‘Prana’ flow and ultimately achieve the ultimate goal – self realization.

There are several aspects associated with the shayari practice. These include chanting, meditation, visualizing, walking meditation, and breathing exercises. All of these aspects of shayari help to improve the overall immune system and ultimately provide a positive effect on the physical, mental and spiritual state of the person. The specific purpose of the shayari exercises is not to eliminate or remove the disease causing organisms from the body but rather to boost the immunity system. The shayari holi exercises are therefore not only beneficial for treating the disease but also are focused on preventing diseases that could reappear in future.

The word “Holi” literally means “all colors” and is often considered as the color of love, affection, joy and life. The colors associated with shayari practice are pink and red. This color combination is believed to promote harmony in the mind, body and emotions.

The main aim of the shayari holi practice is to observe and praise the miracle of life every day. However, while doing this, it is essential to be cautious about the food and water that one takes throughout the day. It is recommended to avoid taking excess amount of drinks like Vata (tava) and Arogya Vardhini as they contain high level of alkaline and are acidic in nature. It is advisable to keep the body hydrated by consuming plenty of water during the day.